Open letter from Tacheles e.V. (No. 4)


Dear Artist and friends of the Kunsthaus Tacheles! Written by Tacheles-Team

Unfortunately however, the essential problem, that we must leave the building, has not been eliminated yet. In fact, it is quite the opposite, the bank HSH Nordbank* may well reach into its trick box and try now to use the insolvency of the Tacheles registered organization, to evacuate the house. In addition the bank seems to have also no interest in keeping the surfaces behind the Tacheles, thus not only large damage may occure to all, but also the appearance of the house may be changed, as Ballermann,wants to develop instead of an art house, other projects, and will necessarily harm the appearance of Tacheles.

Please write and send further solidarity emails and get ready for the next Monday demo, which will take place on 26st July 2010! Many thanks!

* The HSH Nordbank (Landesbank of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein) wants to evacuate and close Tacheles. The water cut has been prevented for the time being, thanks to the support of the citizen of Berlin, Mayor Klaus Wowereit. But otherwise, nothing is solved. In fact, the HSH Nordbank is trying now to use the insolvency of the Tacheles registered organization against the artists of the house. At the same time, this bank allows the traffic of dealers and lets illegal bars, on the land behind the art house, in order to bring prejudice to the Tacheles.

Mail to:

The art gallery Tacheles asks again for your support: As collective, single person, man or woman, you can support our demands, here the new text for the solimail action:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The affair, Kunsthaus Tacheles, is not solved yet, and can be interpreted only, once more as a declaration of the current bankruptcy policy. The creative center of Berlin must remain aware, the Tacheles is an indispensable component of this center. Investor dreams should not do no more, without public control if not they will destroy the city. Defakto emptying buildings and land speculation by means of disaster credits and finances, destroy, among other things, the cultural spaces, jobs and devellopping structures of Berlin. In addition, these mechanisms hand over saving packages (who are they actually saving?). Public funds and savings packages follow, and destroy finally the cultural and social exchange and cooperation of the society. Non-profit projects are transformed and used by means of dubious deals. Humans, along with culture, which becomes art, and your visitors driven out.

We must stop this.

We demand immediately a B-plan procedure for the district center of the Tacheles,to separatefrom the remainder of the surface the small property of the art house (approx. 1.250m2 of over 25.000m2 total area) and that it be transfered by means of hereditary lease into a public foundation! And Tacheles is safe – an arts center accomodation “ berlin22″ the future could accompany actual art and become another type of investment. Tacheles stands for art – immediately

4 Reaktionen zu “Open letter from Tacheles e.V. (No. 4)”

  1. Justin Price

    Es gibt keinen Ort wie das Kunsthaus Tacheles. Wenn es nicht gaebe, dann waere Berlin anders und nicht wie eine Weltstadt wie die behoerden das so nennen moegen.

  2. Sunny11178

    Ich hoffe sehr, dass das Tacheles erhalten bleibt. Ich habe es erst im Mai diesen Jahres bei einem Besuch in Berlin entdeckt und es ist mein absoluter Lieblingsplatz. So etwas gibt es nicht noch einmal. Meine Unterstützung habt ihr. Die Mails sind raus und ich werde diesen Post weiterleiten…

  3. an alle berliner und freunde des tacheles: bitte unterstützt diese aktion!!!! « gedankentheater – versuch einer inszenierung meines lebens

    […] demo angekündigt, aber man kann die aktion auch per mail unterstützen. weitere infos findet ihr hier. leider bin ich nicht in berlin, so dass ich mich nur aus der ferne beteiligen […]

  4. edv

    Solimails können helfen, vielen Dank. Denn viele der Adressaten müssen sich mit deinen Schreiben beschäftigen, vor allem die von uns gewählten Politiker. Argumente sind dabei die erfolgsversprechendste Methode. Gruss Edv

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