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the source

An overgrown garden: out of the distance comes a solitary person, then another one and another one. People start walking in the other direction and disappear into the distance. We see this coming and going of people in a series of shots. The people are walking in and out of the garden through a gate, over a courtyard and through the front door of a house onto a busy street. Ultimately we see a street corner with many people walking in all directions. It has, however, gradually become apparent that all the people are the same - this place is entirely populated by identical replicas. The sequence of cuts is reversed as an ever diminishing number of the replicas retreat back into the house, over the courtyard and into the garden back to the source.
The confrontation with a world populated by replicas of one person creates mixed feelings. Is this egoism on the part of the artist (for he has populated this world with replicas of himself)? There is an innate drive to reproduce and pass ones own genes on to the next generation. This seems here to have been forced to the extreme of megalomania. A strange variation on the solipsistic idea that the only being I know to be a thinking, feeling consciousness is myself.
On the other hand what we see can also be viewed as a recognition of the fact that, in many important ways, one person is the same as the next allowing empathy. Behind the superficial differences we all share certain drives, aims, hopes and fears, existing as thinking, feeling beings in mutual dependency with the society as a whole.

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the source , 2002

the source, 2002


as well as the increasing amount of information being collected without our knowledge or consent, there appears to be an ever growing tendency to give information away of our own free will - talkshows, questionnaires, interviews etc.
normally, an enormous amount of data is collected and analysed to form a picture of 'the average person'. in order to short-cut this process, people were asked to answer questions as if they were an average 0-8-15 person.
the first interview sequence starts out full-screen. as the 'camera' pulls back in a constant, slow zoom, more interviewees come into view on the surrounding monitors as if on an oversized bank of video surveillance screens. as the pull-back proceeds, one becomes aware that the, by now hundreds of individual monitors act as grey scale pixels which begin to resolve into a new interview sequence.
text from cynetart 2001 catalogue (abridged)

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0-8-15, 2001

0-8-15, 2001

invisible cities
video installation

the video takes as a starting point one window from many prominent buildings. these units are then re-assembled and animated in various ways into new facades, sometimes on scales not realisable in practice.
the facade sequences are interspersed with static interference as a counterpoint to the geometrical perfection of the architectural images, a reminder that order is a transient deviation from chaos. distorted words appear like lost transmissions through this interference. the words are textual reflections on the confrontation with this new cityscape.
the installation concept springs directly from the video content in that, through four mirrors assembled into a square kaleidoscope, the video screen is repeated in all directions virtually into infinity. the result is that the viewer's entire field of vision is filled with one huge facade, producing reactions from hypnosis to vertigo.
text from ev+a 2002 catalogue (abridged)

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invisible cities, 2000

invisible cities, 2000

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1963 Born in Blackpool, G.B.
1984-87 BSc in Philosophy from The City University, London
1988-90 Further education in Animation, Lambeth College, London
1989 Further education in 16mm Film Theory and Practice, Streetlight Education, London
1989-95 Creation of films and videos in conjunction with the film maker and performance artist group Exploding Cinema for regular events and exhibitions in London. Participation in film nights
1990-95 Founding of the London production company Chromatose Films. Work on various projects as director, producer, camera operator, art director, effects/animation and editor.
Projects: short films and music videos for independent and major record companies shown on MTV as well terrestrial television
1995 Move to Berlin
since 1995
Animation film maker and video artist: participation in exhibitions and festivals with short films and video installations in conjunction with the artist group contact:c4
recent exhibitions and screenings
2003 VIPER BASEL International Media Festival
2002 STATION Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
MAGISTRALE Environmental Art, Neukölln, Berlin
LANDED EXPO3000 project space, Berlin (with Tia Schmidt)
PI-GATE Theatre, Brandenburg and Meinblau, Berlin (with Sven Kalden, Nelson Vergara, Slide Watusi)
EV+A - EXHIBITION OF VISUAL ART Limerick City Gallery, Ireland
2001 MOTION E)MOTION EMOTION Exhibition and Media Conference, Bremen
CYNETART Computer Art Festival, Dresden
CIRCLES OF CONFUSION Film Festival, Berlin
BALTIC BIENNIAL Gallery L, Sczcecin, Poland
ART BEYOND LIMITS Pussy Galore Gallery, Berlin
ART SYMPOSIUM Tabacco warehouse, Vierraden
GLOW Edison-Höfen, Berlin
2000 ROCKET ART Maou-Maou Gallery, Berlin
HERE TO SEE Lichtblick-Kino, Berlin (with Rolf Kasteleiner)
FILM PRESENTATION Academy of Arts, Berlin
Z2000 Academy of Arts / Netzwerk, Fehrbelliner Höfe, Berlin
MINIGOLF Haus des Lehrers, Berlin (with S.I.G.)
1998 CETERUM CENSEO 2 Marstall, Berlin
SHORT FILM NIGHT Camera cinema in Tacheles, Berlin
BLUT UND BLUMEN contact:c4, Berlin (with S.I.G.)
2003 METAFORMS video installation (work-in-progress)
2002 THE SOURCE video installation (endless loop)
ANATOMY OF THE CIRCLE video installation (4 endless loops)
TWIN TOWERS video installation
2001 LANDMARKS video installation with Tia Schmidt (3 endless loops)
0-8-15 computer animation (4 min)
2000 INVISIBLE CITIES video installation (endless loop)
RIDING ON THE ROCKET 16mm animation (4 min)
1999 PIG SQUEAL 16mm animation (3 min)
1998 TOTO... S8 animation (5 min)
1997 EASY GLIDER 16mm animation (3 min)
1996 ELEGY FOR INDIA S8 travelogue (7 min)
pre- 1996 A MAD TEA PARTY S8/Video short film with S.I.G. (12 min)
THE ELEPHANT SONG S8 documentary (5 min)
THE GODMOTHER 16mm short film (25 min)
DAMN FINE WOMAN/Silverfish 16mm (3 min)
CRAZY/Silverfish 16mm (3 min)
EJECT/Senser 16mm/video (5 min)
LOVESICK/Skyscraper 16mm (3 min)
LAST TRAIN TO LHASA/Banco de Gaia S8/computer animation (4 min)
FOLKLAW/Hed digital video (3 min)
LAMENT OF McCRIMMON/Sheila Chandra video (4 min)