p h i l i p p    v i r u s
since 1993 he works as a photographer with published photos and art-works on record covers (atr, alec empire, dinosaur jr., etc. for d.h.r., reprise, island) and music magazines (rolling stone, raygun, nme).
his music videos and short movies which he directed and filmed appear in tv-channels all over the world (mtv, arte, bbc, canal plus, channel 4).

1. shining path     2. deadly pope
1971 born in west-berlin
1993-1999 digital hardcore virus videos
1993-2000 philipp virus: music-videos and short movies
since 1995 vj `ing
1999 digital hardcore virus videos independent Japanese cinemas
tour in tokyo and osaka through stance company (akihiro suzuki)
1999 digital hardcore virus videos at london raindance festival
2000 philipp virus - digital hardcore retrospective at the new york underground film festival 2000
civilisation virus - l.a. independent film festival 2000
philipp virus - digital hardcore retrospective at "viennale 2000"


1. virus has been spread
2. carl crack vs. adolf hitler

x` 94 - fotopolis (group-exhibition) with plastic-camera photography and video installation, akademie der künste, berlin
1995 photocollages of gerald uhlig and philipp reichenheim, with digital photos, gallery loulou lazard, berlin
1996 next virus: the samples civilization (independent group exhibition) with digital
animated photos and videos, berlin
2000 the virus has been spread - thread-waxing space, new york city
with digital photography, video-installations, vj-sets

z2000 - the global ghetto - (photo/ video exhibition) akademie der künste, berlin - feat. philipp virus, ian kerkhof, the force quit resolution, chris cunningham, miron zownir, nic endo, mathias sander, curated by p.virus

appearance in books with art works
1994 x` 94-project catalogue, berlin
1997 surreality-localizer 1.2, gestalten verlag berlin
1998 icons, gestalten verlag berlin
2000 z2000 - global ghetto, catalogue, berlin

vj - sets
  supported dj - sets and live acts of alec empire in berlin (volksbühne),
tokyo, japan (liquid room), berlin (akademie der künste), amsterdam,
niederlande (meljkweg), rotterdam, niederlande, (film festival), etc. ...
  "veejay groove" - dj / vj - battle alec empire & philipp virus versus dj
spooky & art jones may 2000 - european media - art festival, osnabrueck

other video projects
1996 rico`s helly, the two lone swordsmen
1997 i`m insane, dinosaur jr.
1998 motion sickness, panacea
1999 allein gegen alle, terrorgruppe
2000 7 death sins of dr. faustus, music from"the curse of the golden vampire",
by alec empire & technoanimal