p i o t r     w y r z y k o w s k i
piotr wyrzykowski is a technology based artist, working in so called new media, video art, cd-rom, internet art. he was highly prized in prestigious festivals both nation-wide and abroad.

cyborg's sex manual
the last work of piotr wyrzykowski it is a kind of tutorial that could happen in near future. this is an interactive work based on hypertext: "extended body of technical culture" by peter style initiating young cyborgs into complicated world of emotions, love and efection. talk about identity, limits of corporeality and an essential need of privecy and contact with other person. cyborgs constitute a perspective audience of this project. the autor claims that cyborgs do exist, basing his knowledge on the research done by c.u.k.t. in the years 1995 to 1997. promotion of this program and an advertising campaign in magazines, bilboards and the Internet are also integral part of the work.

stills from cyborg's sex manual 1.0, 1999

there is no body
in his work he concentrates on the issues of technologies influences on a perception of presence of a human body. phenomena such as telepresence, that is a possibility of existing in a number places simultaneously through a digital or analogue representation are a tool for extending our corporeality. this was a central matter in piotr wyrzykowski's work "there is no body" - project was awarded by bremer videokunst förderpreis in 1995, germany - realized in 1998. it consisted of virtual person, existing in cyber space, which cold be freely deformed and manipulated by a viewer.
>>>  http://cukt.art.pl/NoBody


stills from there is no body 1995-1997
member of the wro 1999 international media art biennale jury
creative director of c.u.k.t. / technical culture central office
1994 deutscher videokunstpreis, zkm, karlsruhe, germany
1995 first prize at the international media festival, wro 95, wroclaw, poland
videokunst förderpreis, for there is no body project, bremen, germany
residency prize at the banff center for the arts, champ libre, montreal, canada

his video work have been comissions for the shows in, (statement):

1993 via # 0 ", a bao a qou, paris, poland
1994 videonale 6 ", bonn, germany
european media art Festival", osnabrück, germany
1995 image forum festival ", tokio , osaka, japan
in sight media art from the middle of europe ", yyz artist´s outlet, toronto, canada
1996 special video formes ", printemps, france
1997 new trends in international video, the museum of modern art., new york city, usa
exhibition or one man performance, (statement):
1999 promotion, center of contemporary art, warsaw, poland
privecy act III - david everybody in virtual performance", pgs, sopot, poland
cyborg's sex manual 1.0, entropia gallery, wroclaw, poland
2000 cultur institut from poland in berlin, biuro wyborcze wiktorii, berlin, germany
present representation, z2000, contact:c4 at academy of art, berlin, germany
as c.u.k.t. / technical culture central office, (statement):
1997 wro 1997, wroclaw, poland
ostranenie 1997, dessau, germany
push - 3d party experienceî, the banff centre, banff, canada
lab 6, center of contemporary art, warsaw, poland
1998 five years anniversary of the art night, wroclaw, poland
1998 virus, halle, germany
1999 public relations, center of contemporary art laznia, gdansk, poland
after the wall, moderna museum, stockholm, sweden
art day, gla, gdynia, poland
2000 biuro wyborcze wiktorii c.u.k.t., galeria zacheta, warsaw, poland
negocjatorzy sztuki, csw laznia, gdansk, poland