Everyone Needs A Peaceful Light


If asked these days, how in times of clueless bustle and search all those searchers and all those helpless people could possibly find alternative sounds, the answer should be Nikaya. Von Hajo Mönnighof

With their debut album “Everyone Needs A Peaceful Light” they demonstrate brilliantly where Indie Rock is heading. The title song of the album “Everyone Needs A Peaceful Light” as well as “What Is Behind The Curtain” represent two hymn like Indie art pieces definitely indicating a very special hit potential. While brooding over the question “What Is Behind The Curtain”, you are already getting chased through “Schizophrenia”, and for those who are still complaining all that is not a solution, “Hands Up, Hold Up, Helicopter” will definitely answer all the questions, loudly and without arguing.

Translation by Nina Meerstein-Engel

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