Nikaya LP 2013

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Past Present Future from NIKAYA on Vimeo.

Update: LP VACUUM available on Some of you may know: Nikaya will be recording her new songs and arrangements in the studio from January to February 2013. The producer and sound engineer for this project has been Boris Wilsdorf of for already many weeks. His longstanding experiences with bands like the Einstürzende Neubauten, Dirk von Lowtzow [of Tocotronic] or with his own project Automat will benefit us immensely and will be recognised on the long player. Yes, that’s right, Nikaya will release the album on vinyl! Timeless music pressed on an indestructible recording medium! So, go ahead and steal your parent’s record player! Dust your almost forgotten devices! Experience the music of our new millennium on the machines of the old one. The sound will be explosive and it will be worth it.

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